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Wild Fur

Wild Fur - Nature's Masterpiece


Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. (FHA), located in North Bay, Ontario CANADA is the source of the finest Wild Fur for the international fur fashion industry. FHA has gained international recognition and respect for its stellar assortment of unique and luxurious products. Fur brokers, wholesalers and manufacturers have consistently been satisfied with the extraordinary selection of Wild Fur available only in North Bay. Make Fur Harvesters Auction your source and brand for wild fur.

Grading Information

This information has been produced to assist our international fur industry in understanding the grading standards for the many Wild Fur species offered by Fur Harvesters Auction. The information includes grades, sizes, weights, colours, clarities and information on the suitability of skins for various applications, such as plucking, shearing and dyeing.

Grading Standards & Species


Wild Mink
Wild Mink
Lynx Cat
Lnyx Cat
Red Fox
Red Fox
Ring Seal
Ring Seal

Definitions & Abbreviations

Section – The geographic area from which fur originates. There are sometimes considerable differences between skins of the same species, especially where colour, size or fur density is concerned.

3rd Section – Used for purposes of grouping low grade and damaged pelts of any species.

Lot – A group of skins with similar characteristics, such as size, colour and grade. FHA is world-renowned for its attention to detail in lotting skins of matching grades.


All species are lotted by size, so that buyers are assured that all skins will match their intended purpose. Most skins are measured from the nose to the base of the tail. FHA standard sizes are: 5X, 4X, 3X, 2X, 1X (Extra Large), LG (Large), LM (Large Medium), MD (Medium), SM (Small), XS (Extra Small)
Depending on the quantities available, sizes may sometimes be combined for some grades. Where this occurs it will be clearly illustrated in the Catalog, e.g. 1X – LG.


All species are graded so that skins of similar quality are lotted together. Grades may range from SELECT for the finest skins to a variety of damaged grades depending on the degree of imperfection. FHA’s most common grades for all species are:

SELECT – White or creamy white leather without scars or holes, and free of rubs or clips on fur. Defect free.

I-II – Good quality skins, free of defects. Underfur and guard hair slightly lower in quality as compared to SELECT. I-II are good value pelts.

GD SLT – Small imperfections such as bites, rubs, small holes or clips, fur of HVY or SEMI weight. Good slights have only minor defects, and are good value pelts.

SLT DGD – Slight damaged have a higher percentage of damages than GD SLT (up to 30% damaged). These pelts are of HVY or SEMI weight.

REG SLT – The same degree of damage as SLT DGD, but lower quality underfur and guard hair. Some of these pelts will have blue or slate blue leather.

II – Early harvested pelts, blue to very blue leather, lacking in underfur and guard hair.

GD DGD – A high degree of damage (up to 50%). Defects on leather and fur.

DGD – A high degree of defects (70 – 80%). Limited commercial value.

III – Early harvested pelts with blue leather, lacking in underfur and guard hair.

IV – Very early harvested pelts with very blue leather and very low in underfur and guard hair.

V – Very blue to black leather, with little underfur and guard hair. Limited commercial value.


Density of the fur, which designates its usefulness for a particular purpose, such as shearing or trim. FHA standard weight abbreviations are:

HVY Heavy – Very dense, with an abundance of underfur and guard hair. Suitable for shearing.

SEMI – Semi-Heavy – Slightly less density of underfur, but still very desirable pelts. Suitable for shearing.

LT – Light – Lacking in density of underfur but good coverage of guard hair. Not suitable for shearing.


Depending on the species and section, there may be a wide range of natural colours available. Skins are lotted so that skins of similar colour are offered together. FHA standard colours are:

XDK – Extra Dark

DK – Dark

DK BRN – Dark Brown

BRN – Brown

MED – Medium

LT BRN – Light Brown

PL – Pale

XPL – Extra Pale

XXPL – Extra Extra Pale

Depending on the species the following colour terms may also be used: TAWNY,GREY, BLACK, CINNAMON, BLONDE, RED, SILVER, BLUE, SPOTTED


Depending on the species, this may refer to the back, belly, guard hair or underfur, and is a measure of the clearness of colour of the fur. Clear skins have uniform bright colour, whereas off-colour skins are dull or reddish in the guard hair or underfur. FHA standard abbreviations for clarity are:

A – Clear

B – Slight Off

C – Off

D – Very Off

E – Badly Off (used mostly in conjunction with seal skins)

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