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Fitch comes in several natural colors. White fitch, which is native to Siberia, has distinctive flank markings. It's the best fitch and is expensive. Fitch also comes from Germany, Austria, and Poland. This fitch is dark in color, with the best Polish fitch having distinctive stripes. Paradise or yellow fitch comes from Mongolia. Although fitch used to be dyed to resemble mink and sable, as the price has gone up, it has become valued for itself, with the best Russian white fitch becoming more expensive than mink. It has long guard hairs and woolly, compact underfur. In dark fitch, the underfur is lighter in color than the dark guard hairs.

Fitch can be worked many ways, both let out or in chevron and other designs for coats and jackets. It is less durable than mink, but it will wear well with care.

Fitch fur is the fur of the polecat, not a cat but an carnivorous mammal of the weasel family. The polecat is similar to a mink but larger and it has much longer fur. The polecat may also be known as a ferret in the USA (slighlty confusing as this is a similar though different animal to the British ferret).


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