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Marten belong to the weasel family, along with mink and sable. Russian marten, in fact, are sable. The marten found in Canada are called Canadian sable. Marten need care and treatment to wear well and stay fluffy. The types of marten called marten are:

American marten: American marten have very long guard hairs and dense, fine underfur. The color ranges from blue brown to dark brown. It may also be pale brown or yellow with orange tones. The skins are worked many ways, including let out, and guard hairs may be plucked. American marten are the least expensive marten, since they are not as soft or fine as the other marten.

Baum marten:
Baum marten are native to Europe, Asia Minor, and the Himalayas. They are naturally brown in color and may be dyed to resemble sable. As with all martens, they may be let out or used in various patterns for coats or be used for whole-skin scarves and "little" furs.

Stone marten:
Stone marten come from approximately the same places as baum marten, although not as far north. The fur is similar but it is much finer than baum marten. The best stone marten have a bluish cast to the fur; the underfur is whitish. They are used in the same way as baum marten.


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