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Publisher's Letter

I began publishing the REDBOOK in 1978 and I’ve surfed, like the rest of the fur industry, on the wave of the market — riding high in the prosperous 80s and hanging on for dear life during the crash of the 1990s. And I’ve seen many changes to the printing industry.

The directory changed from using 4-page-layout films the size of a desk to having the whole book digitized to a DVD that fits into my jacket pocket. The REDBOOK has always prided itself as being a reference book to the fur industry. The directory always contained addresses. As the technology became available, fax numbers, e-mails and websites were added to the company listings. The directory has contained calendars with auction and fair dates; articles on fashions trends and technical information; it even contains the scientific names of skins to assist with the import and export of garments.

To build the printed directory into the reference book that I’ve always envisioned has become difficult. All of the added material has caused the book to become too unwieldy and heavy to carry. To solve the problem, we have reformatted the printed book; making a leaner, more user- friendly directory. Additional material will be available on the new, restructured website.  

THE INTERNATIONAL REDBOOK WEBSITE will become a portal for the fur industry. Navigating through the website, you will find reprints of materials from past REDBOOKS and articles written for the website. As the website becomes more seasoned we will increase and diversify its content through articles on different aspects of the industry, including historical information, color trends and how-to articles.

To add to the fleet, we’ll be launching THE INTERNATIONAL REDBOOK-CHINESE EDITION in the spring of 2009. The Chinese pages of THE INTERNATIONAL REDBOOK website will be created in Beijing. The articles for the Chinese directory and website will initially be translations of the English articles. Eventually they will publish material written by Chinese authors, geared to the needs of the Chinese market. As articles are translated between the two directories and the parts of the website, THE INTERNATIONAL REDBOOK will present the ongoing dialogue between the East and the West.As the tides of ideas builds, the REDBOOK will encourage cross-cultural style sourcing.

Technology is making the world smaller — your newest customer is only an email away. And as the market becomes more competitive THE INTERNATIONAL REDBOOK will continue to be there, to help you through these new waters.