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American Legend

American Legend

American Legend mink is as perfect as mink can get.

American Legend Company presents 3 brands of the finest American mink in the world:
American Legend, Blackglama, Legend

Throughout its century long history American Legend has been renowned for being a favorite fur brand among rich and famous in the United States and Europe. World famous actors and actresses, singers, ballet dancers, political and public figures – all viewed American Legend as a status symbol of their achievements and enjoyed the pleasure of wearing American Legend mink.

American Legend

This popularity of American Legend led to the most famous fur fashion campaign in the world for American Legend’s black mink called Blackglama. After the campaign, which was supported by such stars as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Liza Minelli, Luchano Pavarotti, Audrey Hepburn, Margo Fontein…and over 40 other celebrities – Blackglama became a number one mink in the world, the place it retains up to this day. Blackglama was recognized as the best mink in the world due to its rich black color, short velvet-like fur, thick and silky underfur.

The quality of American Legend mink became truly legendary, so it is no wonder that it is the choice of those who can afford the best. All American Legend mink comes from North America only and all American Legend mink is hand selected before it is assigned its labels: American Legend, Blackglama, Legend. Only the highest quality mink receive our trademark status.

American Legend

Primarely American Legend stands for high-class elegance and classic beauty in furs, but it also owns a Legend brand which caters to a younger clientele who are after lighter, sportier styles –very sexy and very young. Since 1999, the year of its issue, Legend has been a number one choice in mink for young rich ladies in the US. Such famous models as Carmen Kass, Franky Rayder and Karolina have been part of the campaign which turned lots of fashion-forward girls into Legend fans.

Apart from the famous Blackglama and Legend brands American Legend offers other colors of mink such as American Legend Blue Iris, American Legend Mahogany, American Legend White, American Legend Sapphire.

American mink. American fashion. American legend

In 1900 a signal event was added to the history of fur in fashion. For the first time, fashion was featured in a major international exhibition in Paris. From this time fur coats and accessories began to appear regularly in the collections of the leading French fashion houses. The discovery of North American sources has opened up vast new supplies which had met the needs of the European markets. Mink was one of the main fur species endemic to North America and the demand for it started to grow more and more. Fur farms appeared to respond to that demand and make sure that wild life was protected and not over exploited.

American Legend

In the 1920’s and 1930’s, nearly everything was fur-trimmed. Deep bands of fur edged the hems of coats as well as providing collars and cuffs. Black fox and Blue Fox were to form huge collars and evening wraps. Fur of all kinds was worn extensively during this era, both during the day and at night. Pelts in demand were mink, sable, chinchilla, Persian lamb and silver fox.

Prior to World War II, New York fashion designers made the trek across the Atlantic Ocean to attend the flamboyant and opulent French fashion shows each year. They then returned to the United States and copied the latest Parisian haute couture designs. Once the Germans occupied Paris and the United States stationed battleships in the Atlantic Ocean, the New York designers were cut off from Paris haute couture and had to attempt to create their own fashions. By the end of 1950’s the formal look of fashionable furs was giving way to more variability, to an increasing search for something different. Changes came in many ways. In 1956, Christian Dior slashed the conventional mink of the time, which consisted of three or four complete skins strung together head-tail and started a vogue for a small mink muffler, tied at the neck and tuck into the coat or jacket inside the collar. The designers of those years particularly concentrated on mink in their fur collections, mink started to gain more and more prestige and elite image among rich and famous. The best American mink back then carried EMBA label (owned by EMBA association which later in years joined American Legend company) and each of its colors carried a particular name, like the mink of Blue Iris color was called Lutetia, light brown – Autumn Haze, Jasmine – for white mink, Royal Pastel… EMBA mink was a standard of luxury in mink and was a definite choice of world famous designer among whom was Christian Dior.

Back then in the 60-s NY was the fur capital of the world: it was the leader in fur fashion and fur manufacturing with over 1000 companies engaged in the fur trade. It was in 1968 that American Legend started its famous “What becomes a legend most?” ad campaign thus having aggressively started promoting its black Blackglama mink to get the deserved recognition for truly superb product. “What becomes a legend most?” became the biggest and highest in prestige advertising campaign ever done by a fur company – over 40 celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Liza Minelli, Maria Callas, Audrey Hepburn took part in the campaign…every year American Legend chose a celebrity to promote Blackglama. The uniqueness of the campaign is in the fact that it is basically the only fur campaign which can allow us to trace the history of mink fashion up to this day showing us the latest fur fashions in the beautiful Blackglama garments on the shoulders of Linda Evangelista in 2000/2001, Gisele Bundhen in 2002, Cindy Crowford in 2004 and finally this year it is the most successful business lady from the top legendary models – Elle McPherson.

American Legend

In the late 90s American fur fashion actively starts looking for new uses of fur in an attempt to attract a younger consumer, to widen the season for wearing furs and to freshen up the whole idea about a fur coat. It was in 1999 that American Legend decides to launch a new Legend brand charged with the mission to implement all of the above and the young rich Americans who never entertained an idea of wearing a “grand-ma’s” coat start buying Legend’s mink trimmed jeans, sheared mink dresses and cute turtleneck mink pullovers. And Legend fur is now worn by the legends of the new generation. Rising model star Carmen Kass was the first one chosen for the campaign.

In 2000 one of the best New York boutiques featured a “Beach” Legend collection. Fur on the beach was a real statement, fur was truly becoming a fashion item and not a winter necessity. Legend was the first one to introduce a fur swimsuit. Fur on the beach is not a necessity but it is a summer fun and fashion thing to show off just like Franky Rayder did it in the break-through Fur on the Beach ad campaign featured by Legend that season. The Beach campaign was followed by Carolina Kurkova London collection introducing more traditional but very stylish wardrobe for a young girl traveling the world. The last year of 2005 Americans took furs to Mars – the rising model star Julia Stegner shows very young and fresh styles in super original surroundings.

American Legend Company – the supplier of the best North American mink to the fashion market – this years again presents the best of its mink collection in its new advertising campaign. The 2006-2007 American Legend Collection was inspired by the king of pop-art and the icon of 60-s Andy Warhal as well as by his famous love romance with Edith Sedgwick and the carefree money-full lifestyle of their Factory. The Factory was the New York Studio of Warhal famous for its parties, arts and entertainment events

Hana Soukupova, the new generation super model from Checoslovakia became the muse of American Legend Silver Factory. According to Vogue, Hana is one of the top ten new generation stars of modeling. She starred at shows for Chanel, Ungaro, Christian Lacroix and Givenchy; he was the face for Gucci (Envy Me) and Max Mara; she is the cover girl of Harper Bazaar, Elle, Pop, The Face, ID, Vogue in France, USA, Italy and Russia.

American fur fashion market of today is a very sophisticated market with people knowing the best in quality, the latest in fashion, the trendiest in brand. New York fashion week have become an event attended by all who follow fashion in Paris, Milano and London – and NY catwalks for the last few years showed tons of furs in a huge variety of garments with dozens of different techniques used on fur. So, American fur fashion unlike many fashion in garments from other fabrics is at a very high level and is surrounded by a prestige aura.